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1120 ACT Center for multidisciplinary research project in signal processing

The objective of the «Rings Research in Science and Technology» Conicyt-Chile, is to promote scientific and technological development of the country, by funding research projects supported by high-level working, collaborative, comprehensive and multidisciplinary. Thus, it tries to boost the formation of groups of scientific and technological research in various disciplines of knowledge, under the support of universities carrying out research in science and technology by postulating individually or both partners to enhance the development of science, technology as well as the formation of advanced human capital.
This project Anillo ACT 1120 «Center for multidisciplinary research in signal processing (CMRSP)» is a Ring Science and Technology initiative, funded by CONICYT-Chile. The CMRSP compose the University of Chile (Universidad Chile), as the lead institution, and the University of Santiago (USACH) and Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO), both as partner institutions. The CMRSP’s objectives is to provide research and evaluate common frames of reference in signal processing, to address issues found fundamental research in fields such as astronomy (U. Chile), mining (U. Chile), radar (U. Chile ), volcanology (UFRO), voice (U. Chile) and communications (USACH).
The project was conceived as a way to provide and disseminate a research and training for the integration of signal processing (SP, Signal Processing) between now disjunct areas such as astronomy, mining, radar, volcanology, speech processing, and communications. This center will promote greater uniformity in the levels of SP experience through a wide range of application fields. It also aims to improve collaboration areas currently distinct and separate investigation.
The main objectives of CMRSP are:

  • Propose and evaluate common frameworks to address key SP research topics that are in areas such as mining, astronomy, radar, speech processing, communications, and volcanology.
  • Build a collaborative network of excellence long term to attract and train highly qualified human resources in the SP.
  • Transfer information and knowledge society and public and private productive sectors in SP area

The duration of this project is 3 years, 2013-2016 and resources are MM $ 450.

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