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Estimation of Exoplanetary Planet-to-Star Radius Ratio with Homomorphic Processing

Aquí puedes encontrar el software utilizado para obtener los resultados del paper «Estimation of Exoplanetary Planet-to- Star Radius Ratio with Homomorphic Processing» Download

Prof. Néstor Becerra Yoma and Ismael Soto were General & Technical Co-chair and Panel Chair, respectively, in the IEEE conference Latincom2013 that was held in Santiago, Chile. Also, as part of the project, a talk entitled «Pattern Recognition, introductions and engineering applications» was given in Santa Rosa School in Temuco and in Pablo Sexto complex in Pucón. Futhermore, course on Visible Light Commmuniaction (VLC) applied to mining at Codelco Chuquicamata mine. The course was taught by Professor Fary Ghassemlooy from Northhumbria University, Newcastle, UK.